JD McClintock


Keller Williams Coastal Partners


Chair RPAC Fundraising Committee, Member of Finance Committee and Government Affairs Committee

JD McClintock has been a Realtor for 14 years in the Palm Beaches. He has been an individual agent, buyer’s agent, run teams, real estate coach and mentor, and Independent Broker during this time. He brings the knowledge and perspective of all of these roles to all aspects of his involvement in real estate endeavors. On the Leadership side of the industry JD McClintock has been a multi year Director of the Board for the Realtors association of the Palm Beaches and now RAPB + GFLR regional Boards. He has also held the honor of serving his association as a multi year Florida Realtors Director and held an alternate position as a National Association of Realtors Director in 2017 and will continue as a NAR Director in 2018. JD McClintock has been held Chairmanship and been a member of a considerable number of committees at the local board level and state levels including Finance, RPAC, and Government Affairs. In 2018, JD McClintock will hold positions locally as a RAPB + GFLR Executive Director, Florida Realtors Director, and National Association of Realtors Director. Committee involvement will include RAPB + GFLR RPAC Chairman, Florida Realtors Young Professionals Chairman, and National Association of Realtors RPAC Participation Council.